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    Bamboo, sexual faithful, firm intense is castiron, modest vertical section, not Wei frost snow, with loose, plum and praise for year old cold 3 friendly. And the bamboo wood floor board that makes for material with bamboo, because of low carbon environmental protection, so deep that the masses loves. What distinction do that bamboo floor and wooden floor have? Where is its advantage expression? The following content is arranged by net of Chinese wood floor, in order to offer reference.
    Than function of floor of wooden floor bamboo more advantageous
    1. Bamboo floor is small bamboo piece floor of stoving; wood is integral drying. Portion of bamboo floor water is handled relatively wooden floor is even contractility is small.
    2. Bamboo floor is straight fiber arranges; to produce twist not easily to be out of shape.
    3. Wooden floor fiber arranges miscellaneous; of wrong Zong Fu so easy twist is out of shape.
    4. The different; that wooden floor grain has decorative pattern and straight grain obtains good whole harder to spread floor of bamboo of outfit effect;to do not have the inadequacy of this respect.
    5. Bamboo is a the hardness in all plants on the world is highest kind.
    6. Bamboo floor relatively wooden floor more do not be afraid that water is mixed dry.
    Inside information of culture of chiliad of bamboo culture be current is solid
    Bamboo, qiao Benke, perennial often green herb. Cauline woodiness, hollow have a red-letter day, the leaf is like scabbard, parallel arteries and veins.
    Bamboo, teem with at East Asia, especially Chinese south. China is the bamboo on the world kind the country with most breed, about 30 belong to 1000 much breed more.
    Bamboo, sexual faithful, firm intense is castiron, modest vertical section, not Wei frost snow, with the plum and praise for year old cold 3 friendly.What have great quality because of its is indicative, reason is mixed again orchid, chrysanthemum, plum calls 4 gentleman. Acting Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty has to would rather be fed without the flesh, Make a person thin without the flesh, The beautiful line .
    Bamboo, forceful upright, greenery dancing, flourishingly free and easy, decorous quiet and beautiful, winter not wither and fall. People loves the moral character of supple gentleman of bamboo, nowhere is not appropriate. Hill has Zhu Zeshan blueness, water draws near Zhu Zeshui is beautiful. Bamboo is beautiful, long where be, brought transcendental charm; to be born where to where, where to acquire free from vulgarity interest.
    Bamboo, danger Qing Cuiyu drips, the four seasons the beauty of the colour and lustre of one be used to, also have the success of the phonic musical sound of drizzly, have more contain dew to spit mist, of the artistic conception of drop drop empty front courtyard clever.
    Bamboo, natural in taking a paragraph of poem to draw artistic concept, use on the ground of household, in the space, it is a Gu Zhuo’s artistic lasting appeal easily, be in contemporary and Bacchic in multifarious city, bamboo adornment brings a person the most easily pure and fresh with halcyon feeling.
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