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    <p>these aggrandizement such as mat of floor glue, skirting board, floor are compound the burden of wooden floor, complementary makings, through taking the profit of obtain of pass a barrier of way deceive or mislead people of carry out with the floor, had become the customary maneuver of trader of a few floors, and the environmental protection hidden trouble that this also is making common people family. The character that wooden floor does not pay attention to only when consumer is being bought and oversight the quality of these complementary makings and environmental protection, to these floor costar also should choose to accord with the product of standard of national environmental protection. </p>

    <p>In addition, skirting board also is one of hidden killer of environmental protection. Because most ligneous skirting board is in manufacturing process,choose formaldehyde to fasten adhesive to undertake agglutination likewise, stick a face or go up lacquer. And, the surface of skirting board cannot be accomplished compact like floor surface, in normal use procedure, ground of very easy unbridled releases the free formaldehyde in base material, cause pollution to indoor air environment. </p>

    <p>Aggrandizement wood floor is in installation process, can be between the ground and floor laid floor mat. In this narrow, in the space that is forgotten, very easy breed is of all kinds bacterium, often make a spot as yet untouched by a political movement of domestic environmental protection, so, choose the floor board that has anticorrosive function to fill up, it is to make sure the floor is comprehensive of environmental protection important one annulus. </p>

    <p>Average person thinks, only ligneous floor Itself just can release a formaldehyde, but in installing a process actually, can use many floor gum, the action of floor glue is to be in floor piece joint forms glue film, chain effectively the formaldehyde that leave swims in the floor. Floor glue itself whether environmental protection, become those who choose floor glue is main measure index. Price of glue of high grade floor is high, the businessman of type of very much small mill often chooses cheap common glue, it is the inferior glue with more low price even, in brand special and wrap ground of the follow a rational line to do some work well below the cover of valence ” to enter consumer family completely, bring environmental protection hidden trouble. </p>
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